Date Number #100

Finishing Strong!

We did it!  Date 100 sisters.  Hip Hip Hooray for sticking this out and praying without ceasing for our future husbands.  I am so proud of each of you for enduring the waiting.  We will continue to wait on God until He delivers the gift of love from above.  Amen?  Today Jesus and I are sitting outside by a Lake dining al fresco!  I have so much anticipation for what he is going to speak to us.  

Jesus has impressed this scripture from 2 Timothy 4:7 it says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” We are running towards the prize dear one.  My Uncle always encouraged me with this verse as a College D1 athlete who got a run for her money running at Michigan State.  He always reminded me to live my life well and to the full.  I am grateful for his consistent prayers and encouragement.  

Do you feel like you are running forward with endurance and patience?  How can you receive more accountability or assistance in doing this?  Maybe partner up with a friend who is also in waiting?  I can tell you that this has helped me tremendously; having a prayer and accountability partner.  I want us to finish this journey strong with some power prayer over our husbands as well as focusing on gratitude for what God has done already.  

Dear Jesus~ We come before you with boldness and expectation that you are going to move.  You are my true north Father and you always lead me with your compass of direction and as a lamp to my feet.  I can sour on the heights above my fears with you on my side.  I have known the depths and the heights during this race.  It is difficult to wait and yet I know you are still saying, “Wait my child…..I’m in love with you and have the perfect plan”!  It is a solemn vow and promise that you have given us that we are given every good and perfect gift from above that comes down from the heavenly lights. Jesus I lift up my sweet, adoring husband to you and ask for you to deliver him from any and all hindrances that entangle him.  Please help him to focus on becoming the best man he can be before we are brought together.  Help me to make myself ready as your bride.  I am determined and have a ruthless trust in your provision and protection from counterfeit men.  Thank you for him, that you for his life and his story.  Thank you for the story you are currently telling me which is that he will arrive soon.  We love you ways and your decrees Father God.  Cleanse us from any sin that holds us distanced from you.  I’m letting go of anything that is not of you.  Thank you for this night and the sweetness of your presence.  It is perfect!  I pray these things in Jesus name.