Date Number #3



Let Freedom Ring!

Take a moment and ponder what the word “freedom” means to you. Think back to a time in your life where you felt free in such a way that you could live and move and navigate your life unrestrained with no limitations. When I think of freedom I get a picture of myself running in high school. Nothing could stop me. The wind was at my back and I ran with grace and confidence.

Let me set the stage for you for this Date. It’s Valentines Day and I’m single. I’m bound and determined to go out anyway. Jesus and I venture out to an Asian-Fusion restaurant in town. I walked in and up to the hostess stand feeling a bit insecure because I was alone, but proceeded to ask for a table for one. I got a surprised look from the hostess and chuckled under my breath because in my mind I knew I was carrying Jesus on my arm. It gave me such freedom to know He was with me.

As you think back to that picture you received of true freedom, think about what it would take to get there again. God wants you to be completely unencumbered, wholly unenslaved to anything in your life that would hold you back. Where in your life may you need to let go of something that is hindering your growth? Take inventory of how Jesus might want to free you of the chains that bind you from His liberty and deliverance. Let this be your moment to “Let freedom ring” in your life. He delights in freeing His kids!

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Abba Father I look to you for freedom. I desire to be released from anything or any person who may be holding me back from my purpose. I admit I’m nervous to let go, but I want everything you have for me. Help me to see with your eyes where I may be in bondage to performance or fear. Help me to have clear eyes and open ears to hear where I am bound. Free me Jesus for your glory. Send me out to help others find freedom too. I’m so grateful for your deliverance. I no longer want to be bound to a yoke that is not your easy and light yoke. Thank you Jesus. Amen