Date Number #4

Undivided Heart

I’m sitting at P.F Changs; a consistent favorite of mine if I’m going to a chain.  Think Spicy Chang’s Chicken, sugar snap peas, brown rice and a sturdy glass of red.  Today on our date Jesus is talking to me about having an Undivided Heart to serve and love him completely.  Matthew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure lies your heart shall be also.”  I have wrestled with keeping Jesus on the throne of my heart and life over the years of being a Christian.  I have also struggled with choosing men who don’t share that same commitment to Christ which has gotten me into predicaments I won’t go into here.  Sister, I do not recommend Missionary dating.  The pain and let-down are not worth it. We will cover this topic a little further into the book.   As we sit here and I listen closely for Jesus’ wisdom on the topic, I hear Him saying prioritize me, pursue me in return as I pursue you, put me first in all things and I will give you my absolute best.

Are you struggling with putting everything else before Jesus?  Are you serving your boss, your job or your coworkers more than you are serving Him?  Ladies, it’s a very common thing and there is ZERO condemnation, but I just want you to know the blessing and reward of having a heart that is wholly His!  Jesus, Spouse or Partner, then kids, then vocation, then volunteering.  In that order specifically! As we have heard a million times, Seek Him first and everything else shall be added unto us.

Take a moment to reconnect with Jesus.  He isn’t angry with you.  He knows you are busy. He understands; however, he desires to commune and connect with you.  Tell Him.  Talk to Him like you would talk to your closest friend.  He’s ready and willing to answer.  When you are ready read this prayer with me……

Dear Jesus: I have put so many other things before you and I confess this.  I want to serve and love you first with my whole heart.  I want an Undivided Heart that loves you with every part of me.  Please help me in my frenetic, busy life.  I struggle to keep you on the throne.  I want to see you there.  Help me visualize what it looks like in my life to seek you with all of me for your glory.  I love you and I love your name, Jesus.  Thank you…Amen.