Date Number #25

The Kate Sessions

This is the point at which the devotional transitions a bit, because I want to fully let you all into my process moving from single hood to serious dating.  It has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier to share the ups, the downs and the plateaus of this thing called love.  I call this “the Kate Sessions” because this was my username on for my short stint doing online dating this time around.  When I met my guy, he said to me early on, “So when can I have a session with Kate”?  I am also a therapist so this was comical to me.

Cary and I met by way of a set-up by an acquaintance who basically passed him off on me.  I am overjoyed that I jumped on the opportunity because in him I have found a treasure.  On this date, Cary and I are obviously accompanied by Jesus who I happen to have in my mind the entire time we meet.  We just left a music venue and have continued on to a local burger joint in town.  The date is quite informal and I realize that my nerves are virtually absent which has set me at ease with him from the get go.  As I listen to him tell me all about his daughter and his life, I hear the spirit talking to me about the idea of being “taylor made”.  He has taylor made each of us for a particular partner.  It is obviously way to soon to tell with Cary, but I have a really positive feeling about this. Romans 8:28, says

 I am so encouraged to know that whatever the outcome of this union, these words ring true.  Do you believe this in your heart today?  What factors have deterred you from believing that He really does work out all the details of our lives?  Have you experienced, doubt, fear or complacency around His sovereignty? Take a moment to search your heart in regards to these questions.  Now let us pray for divine timing in our love relationships.

Dear Jesus~Thank you that you are the author of every beautiful love story.  Thank you that you have taken me from single hood to the experience of dating.  I am expectant about what you are going to do.  Bind my heart to yours first and foremost as you are my first love.  I love love, but i don’t want to get carried away too quickly.  Help me to have discernment and wisdom regarding whomever I date and help me to feel authentically what I feel after our dates.  I want to know what you have to say about this possibility in my life.  Speak to me Lord.  I love you and I love your good and perfect gifts.  Amen!