Date Number #34

May it be HIS story!

I can’t tell you how many times along the way in my single journey that I have calculated and conjured up my own love stories.  I have obviously found out later and often times after one heartache or another that the story was not of God.  Obviously every relationship taught me numerous things about myself and led me to the next try, but trying to manipulate things to work out my way never worked.  I would often think, “What do I do with all of this longing”?  Sometimes the ache for human love ran so deep and I couldn’t quench my thirst for love.  I encourage you to dwell in hope that love will come and to continue to dream about what a future authored by the sweet hand of God might look like.  I caution you from false imaginations and the many mirages that can fill our minds with fantasy and maybe even some idealization about the wrong person.  A psychologist friend of mine once said to me, “If the suffering is real, the joy is real”.  It ALL matters to God, every emotion even though we should never let our emotions control us.  I can only imagine how much my Abba sees and cares for that very specific and raw longing.

Sisters, may I encourage you to allow Him to write your love story!  It may or may not be far off, but it will be So incredibly worth it.  I believe that having our mindset around romance be in a place of surrender to God.  Surrender to His timing.  Surrender to His design and specificity with the man he brings. Ultimately an absolute heart of surrender that is willing to let go of something that isn’t right.  I have had to do it several times and it is very painful!  Today I am spending some time with Jesus reflecting on my journey of singleness and some of the heartache it has entailed.   We are at a café eating pizza and I am thinking so much about how grateful I am that I have the broken journey that led me to now.  I have a wonderful Man who loves the Lord and adores me.  He is sooooo worth the wait! It is my hope that you ladies will wait well.  Now we will pray for our hearts and His epic story for you.

Dear Jesus~ I long for you.  I thirst for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water.  I want to wait well.  I desire your ideal man for me~A man who loves you.  Thank you for going before me and orchestrating all of the details of my journey.  I’m calling on you and trusting you for your very best.  Even though I suffer through loneliness and isolation, I know you hear me and see me.  I realize this is part of being human.  I need to sit with the emotions and feel the pain.  Thank you for loving me so completely and so well.  I give you my life and my love.  In Jesus Name, Amen!

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