Date Number #38

My Radiant and Ruddy Love

Sisters, my guy is so adorable to me.  I love his olive and ruddy skin tone and his eyes that are as clear blue as the sea.  I love that I can go to Song of Solomon and identify with their story.  Being so “in like” and “in love” is a precious and rare gift.

Today Jesus and I are having Mexican food.  I’ve been craving guacamole and a sturdy burrito.  He is talking to me about Love being beautiful and difficult and love always winning!  It is hard to set aside our selfish desires and lay those things down for the sake of another.  We had this experience recently over a predicament we were working through with wedding planning.  I had my mind and heart determined about something and it fell apart.  I had to acquiesce to my fiancé’s wisdom which was particularly frustrating and yet so necessary. He was able to talk me into being more reasonable (and frugal). Amen!?

Let’s us pray now for our fiancés and future husbands. We want to see them as they are and as they have the potential to be. God is on the move in our men and raising them up to be powerful leaders.

Dear Jesus~I life up my future husband. I beckon you to move in his life mightily! You have good plans for him….plans for a great hope and a future. Father may you minister to him right now in this moment. Strengthen him in his innermost being for your glory. Breathe into him peace and rest over his busy mind. You pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor your delight in the legs of my man; you delight in the man who fears you and who puts their hope in your unfailing love. (Taken from Psalm 147:10-11). Father you adore my sweet love. May he have a Holy Spirit encounter with you this day. I can’t wait to see his face. I await the day we meet. Thank you Jesus . Amen!