Date Number #43

Reservoirs of Love

This morning I was praying on the phone with my prayer partner and I heard two words: relax and refresh.  My friend was feeling exhausted and weary and I was having some anxiety around wedding planning.  That is exactly what we both needed.  I got a picture of his fountain of living water.  We are invited to come and dip our toes in the stream of life for cleansing and refreshment.  They are reservoirs of love that bring healing and hope.  The waters flow abundantly and bring purification and refreshment.

Jeremiah 31:25 says,  “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”  If we pursue adequate time in His presence we will find those tranquil moments that lead to restoration of our souls.  Today I am pursuing his healing waters on the little patio at a local breakfast spot.  It’s not busy if you go early enough in the morning.  I have the whole patio to myself with Jesus and my sweet love.  Jesus is talking to me about the importance of this rest as a couple.  Sisters, do you take the time out each week to relax and refresh in His presence?  It is vital!  Do you and your love take a date night or even a Sabbath together?  If not, I highly recommend it.  We need that time to reconnect and share the details of our week.  Connection with Abba and clear communication will keep the bond going strong.

I want us to spend some time in prayer today while we dip into his beautiful reservoir of love.  May we soak in the unabashed, relentless affection of the Father.  Get in a comfortable posture either on your knees or comfortably seated in a chair and do some deep breathing.  Slow everything down so that you can be in a position to really listen for God’s voice.  Take those breaths from deep in your belly.  In my field we call it “belly breathing” where it comes from the depths of your diaphragm.  Know that there is no where to go and no one to please.  Let the frenetic frenzy of your thoughts and mind be silenced.  Now we shall pray.

Dear Jesus~I sit now in a posture of praise.  I thank you that you are Sovereign over all the earth.  I thank you that you are in the drivers seat of my life.  I long to be soaked in your refreshing waters.  Purify me Jesus.  Wash me and cleanse me from all sin.  Father, I will pursue you all of my days.  My sweet fiance and I want to connect with you this day. We delight in your presence together.  You are the one my heart is waiting for.  You are my treasure, you hold the keys, you are the doorway to heaven.  Please help me to stay in a place of rest and refreshment even when life feels like a hustle.  You are so good Father and we love you.  In Jesus Name.  Amen!