Date Number #47

Freedom Reigns in this Place!

Sisters, it’s the 4th of July and I’m celebrating!  I always think of my Grandfather today because his birthday would be tomorrow if he were still with us.  He and I weren’t close, but I still had a strong respect for him.  He fought in WWII and came back with severe Post War syndrome and PTSD.  I can only imagine what it was like seeing several of your closest men killed in combat.  He worked on the B-29 Bombers and experienced sending men out on them that would never come back.  Grandpa was one of the most patriotic people I’ve ever known.  It was beautiful!

How are you celebrating freedom in your life today?  Do you see it manifesting itself in your life work, your relationship or your heart?  I hope we can feel freedom in all of them!  There is nothing like the feeling of freedom.  It’s exhilarating and when I feel free I feel 100% alignment with my body, mind and spirit.

Today Jesus and I are having a post workout date.  I am refueling my body with lots of water and protein.  As a type 1 diabetic it’s as much of a balancing act regulating sugars as it is designing and performing the workout.  I love running and feeling His presence and goodness.  When I run I feel His pleasure.  When I run I am reminded of our amazing bodies and every thing it does without even asking it to.  These bodies are temples!  Psalm 119:45 says, I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.  We can walk in ultimate freedom in so many beautiful ways when we make our minds up to do it.  Jesus set us free for freedom.  What a gift!  Let us pray now for freedom in our love relationships and lives.  Freedom reigns today in this place and I want you to have that same freedom!

Dear Jesus!  Thank you first and foremost for freedom.  You paid such a price to grant that to me and my heart swells with gratitude.  I desire freedom in my home.  I desire freedom to reign in this dwelling place.  May you grant ultimate freedom to my love.  Free him from the shackles that bind him in his heart.  May he have a countenance that reveals a freedom that only the Holy Spirit could give.  This is the kind of power that you have and I’m trusting you for it.  I’m depending on you to fill him afresh in his inner man.  I beg you to give us a freedom that exudes you for all of our days.  May we love others and our neighbors well.  May we love our temples well.  May we love each other well for your glory.  Amen!