Date Number #48

Running from Fear……

Have any of you felt like you have lived with some sort of fear your whole life?  I personally feel like I spent the first twenty-some years of my existence fearing something and that is SAD.  The fear of acceptance, being liked, having my Dad’s approval, and the list goes on!  Friends the bible says that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.  Amen?  That comes from 2 Timothy 1:7 and I love the freedom I feel when I meditate on this.  Take a moment to really take that in……No fear…..power………sound mind.  Wow!  These three attributes are amazing.  Jesus is everything that is the opposite of fear.  May He stir this type of love up in us so that we might have deeper levels of ultimate freedom.  Perfect love casts out ALL fear.  Sisters, we have been given such a privilege to walk this freedom out in our lives.

May we run from fear and live our days with a sense of freedom that allows us to be liberated.  Speaking of feeling liberated, today Jesus and I are dining on a boat with friends.  Not exactly the best time to meditate and write; however, the freedom of the wind blowing through my hair and across my face feels absolutely delicious,  I love being with these friends. They remind me of who I am in Christ and I adores that.  We are dining on simple bites that won’t make a mess as we cruise the harbor.

Have you evaluated your level of freedom lately?  Do you know that you can have the kind of freedom in Christ that I talk about above?  May we pray and ask to be liberated in Him for His glory and namesake.  May we walk out our days with friendship and fellowship that keeps us in a mindset of freedom.  May we be in step with His loving and free spirit that we have full access to all of the time.

Dear Jesus~You died for my freedom.  Thank you!  I am sold out to that power, love and sound mind you talk about in 2 Timothy.  I desire more of that  May that power and love grow and expand in my being for your glory and my good.  Jesus I desire this freedom for my fiancé.  May he be free from fear and may he forgive fully so he might be liberated in you.  I love you so much Jesus and I love your perfect love that casts out fear.  Thank you.  I give you this beautiful day in Jesus name.