Date Number #52

Those days!

There will be those days, dear sisters and I am having one of those! The day just started out on the wrong foot.  It was one foible and mistake after another.  I left my massage with my dress inside out and my card wouldn’t go through when I checked out.  Turns out, fraud protection had been trying to reach me about fraudulent charges on my account.  These are interesting times we are living in and we need to be equipped for the journey.  I came home to a frustrated fiance and I had a low blood sugar before I went to the gym.  I won’t bore you with the details of my day.  All that to say, I believe we need to entrust the results of every circumstance to God and submit our fears and foibles to Him. My concern isn’t with the little inconveniences of the day, but with my mindset.  How do I respond to these circumstances and how do I treat my loved one when these things occur?

We are called to be “ministers of reconciliation.”  We are called to treat our loved ones with patience, dignity and honor.  Let’s pay attention to how we deal with conflict.  Are you subject to a relationship that leaves you feeling dishonored or disrespected after conflict?  Are you able to table a topic and come back to it later when there’s conflict?  I have had to learn this one the hard way sisters!  May we not become reactive and deal with our anger before we go to sleep on it.  In the past my tendency had been to want to be RIGHT.  Now, I desire to communicate and understand my love.  It has not been a cakewalk!

As I ponder the idea of being ministers of reconciliation, this may seem out of context, but it leads me to thinking about the bigger picture of being peacemakers and full of grace in a world full of impatience.  What does it look like to turn the other cheek and pursue peace at all costs?  It’s not easy at all.  We are called to be peacemakers who pursue peace at all times with all people.  Matthew 5:9 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  Sisters, let us pray that we are ministers of reconciliation.  

Dear Jesus~ I have no agenda, but to come and pray to you.  You are a good, good Father. You are Sovereign.  I need your help cultivating peace.  I desire to be a peacemaker who sews in peace! Please breathe into me peace, love and reconciliation.  I love the visual of being a person who breathes peace to those around me.  Grow me up Lord, Mature me and my love so that we can do conflict well.  We love you so much.  I Jesus name I pray.  Amen!