Date Number#54

Love song for our Saviour

Jars of Clay has an album from the mid-nineties that has a song called “Love song for a Saviour”.  I pulled it out recently and have been listening to it quite a bit! As I was listening to it this morning I was reminded of what it felt like to fall in love with Jesus for the very first time as an adult.  I accepted Christ when I was four, but I couldn’t yet understand the concept of falling in love.  In 1999 I re-committed my life to Christ in Los Angeles after God had set me up with a community of amazing believers who witnessed to me.  I had compromised and walked away from God during college.  It may actually be better to say I put him on the back burner for the time being.  I remember sitting in the Bel Air Presbyterian balcony and weeping.  The Holy Spirit had moved my heart with a message on Surrendering to God’s good and perfect will.  It was such a happy day and I will never forget it.  After this rededication I got Baptized at Playa del Rey Beach and started a fresh, new journey with Him.

Today Jesus and I are at the local burger joint by my work.  I am having a blueberry wheat beer and a turkey burger.  I’m making healthier choices as we speak.  I have an hour to write this entry and take my lunch break.  Jesus is talking to me about loving Him FIRST.  More than my fiance, more than my sweet JJ dog and more than my parents, etc.  He is our first priority and should be our go to for decision making, affirmation, rest, ect.

Sisters, Are you in love with Jesus?  Have you had that conversion moment where the Holy Spirit just rushes over you and you run into His arms?  If not, I can promise you that choosing Him and taking the time to fall in love with His heart and character is so worth it!  You can’t conjure up a conversion, Holy Spirit moment, but you can chase after His heart and learn all about the best love possible.  I want to give you an opportunity to give your life to Jesus if you haven’t or if you want to re-commit today.  It’s not too late for you!  he is waiting and ready with a better story for your life.  If you are ready pray this prayer with me.  If you are already in love with Jesus, pray this prayer for a loved one or friend you want to be saved.

Dear Jesus~I know you want my whole heart.  I don’t understand everything about you or know exactly how to do this, but I know I’m a sinner.  I desire to be saved by your grace.  I acknowledge the chasm between us and I want that divide to be closed for good.  I want to run into your arms this day and never look back.  Please save me from my sin and shortcomings.  Please forgive my selfishness.  I want to become more like Christ and do your will.  Thank you.  I choose you.  I love you. Take my life.  I surrender all.  Amen!