Date Number #57

Be still, my child

Yesterday was my day off from work and I realized as I was slowly awakening and having my coffee that I completely savor these days.  Working forty plus hours a week is a new thing for me about six months ago and it has been a huge adjustment for my body and my mind.  I was used to so much freedom with my schedule and being able to do what I wanted basically when I wanted to.  I sat down to do my devotionals and pray early in the morning and I heard the spirit of God whisper to me, “Be still my child, rest, snuggle up in my arms.”  I received a fresh breath of peace in my spirit.

Today Jesus ad I are at a little cafe that has the best avocado toast.  I met a friend for coffee and now I am spending some time writing and reflecting.  He is speaking to me on the subject of being still!  It is a beautiful thing when we actually allow ourselves to do it. We were created to labor and be busy and then to rest.  It is vital to our rejuvenation and being able to produce.

Sister’s are you caught up in a performance based mentality?  Is it almost scary to stop and be still?   Sometimes we fear what might arise if we stopped log enough to feel and BE.  I want to encourage you to look at this area of your life.  Do you take a Sabbath?  Do you weave rest into your busy schedule?  Let us stop, listen and pray for our ability to rest in Him.  It is a gift that is waiting for us.

Dear Jesus~ I desire to drink you in and taste your goodness.  Resting in you is something I want in my life.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the hustle and I don’t slow down.  My spirit is weary.  I take a fresh breathe of your Holy Spirit now in this moment and listen for the sound of your voice.  Speak to me tenderly.  Show me how to navigate beings still. I exhale anything that is not of you.  Cleanse me in your healing waters, Jesus.  I lift and open hand up to you and welcome whatever it is that you have for me.  I trust your order and your call to rest.  Give me Sabbath rest, Father.  I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I desire to learn.  I love you Jesus.  I surrender this day and my agenda to you.  Amen!