Date Number #60

You are worthy, You are enough!

In my travels lately, it seems like so many people I come across don’t feel like they are worthy or enough!  This includes men and women alike and this saddens me.  We often learn in our childhood these negative cognitions and belief systems that typically follow us into adulthood.  For myself I learned very early on to perform to earn my value and worth.  This threw me into a cyclical battle with feeling “not enough”.

Are you aware of your thought patterns?  Do you believe that you are worthy (of love, time, relationships, finances, ect.)?  Do you feel good enough right now just as you are today?  Jesus desires for our identity to be found in Him.  In Him we fully belong, He sees us as enough and we are worthy of ALL good things.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says,  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” Today Jesus and I are on a breakfast date and I am indulging myself with a full carbo loading of pancakes.  Not exactly the ideal meal for a type 1 diabetic trying to watch her carb intake, lol.  He is communing with me on identity and these thought patterns around being enough and worthy.  I desire woman and men to know this and have full confidence in it.  If I had a dollar for every time I speak to a woman regarding her lack of the above I’d be wealthy.

You might ask how can I get to the point of feeling this kind of newness and identity?  It can take years and a real commitment to therapy and doing our own soul care work.  Cognitive behavioral therapy can help us change our thoughts and then consequently we change our behaviors and our life!  Soul care work to get to the root of these thought patterns also helps us to diffuse some of our negative feelings about ourselves and what and in whom we find our identity.   I would like us to spend some time in prayer around our thoughts and on the topic of worthiness and being enough.  You are dear sister!  He wants this for you, today!  Rest in these truths.  The old has gone and the new has come!

Dear Jesus~I am tired of performing.  I am tired of feeling stuck in a pattern of unworthiness.  How can I rest in the fact that my true self and true identity are in you and you alone?  I see this pattern in my loves way of thinking and I want him to find this kind of freedom too.  May we become more whole together! Jesus you are the author of this amazing story and I believe that you can help us both to change our negative thinking patterns.  I am new!  I am worthy of good things! I am enough right now!  I take these words in right now and aim to affirm myself in these truths more often.  Thank you Lord for changing me and renewing my mind!  Amen