Date Number #67

Living Loved Lovely…..

Do you now that you are loved infinitely by the Father, the very King of Kings and Lord of Lords?  We are so privileged to have this love hidden in our hearts and minds. When you don’t feel particularly loved do you know that you can just look up and call out to the father.  He will bring you that love.  He will fill you with His Holy Spirit.  He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.  I have a song that I absolutely love by JJ Heller.  It is called Loved!  How fitting, you say!  The words are as follows.

“Do you dream of a home you never had
An innocence that you cannot get back
The pain is real
You can’t erase it
Sooner or later you have to face it down
You have to face it down You are loved

Do you keep your thoughts inside your head
Will you regret the things you never said you have a voice
You have to use it
You have a choice
Don’t let them shut you down
Don’t let them shut you down You are loved

Do you feel the ache inside your soul
You know you’ll never make it on your own
Sorrow is too great for you to hold it
You’re gonna break
Why don’t you lay it down

Open up the window to your heart
Freedom comes in letting go
Open up your heart”

YOU ARE LOVED dear one and that my precious sister is the word for this day.  Jesus and I are up interceding this morning and talking to my dear friend Maggie in Uganda.  We encourage each other in prayer and in the love of Abba.  We are having a fresh buttery croissant and drinking lots of coffee.  I actually feel a little nauseous from being up so early.  I know our heavenly Father will honor this devotion to getting this entry written for you.  I want you to repeat the statement “I am loved”.  “I am loved”.  “I am loved” as many times as you need to until you begin to believe it.  Breathe in the love today.  May your soul be refreshed in abundance and rest in Him.

Are you living loved?  What might you do to increase your faith in Abba’s perfect love? We ned to drive out doubt, fear, unbelief, etc. etc.  His perfect love casts out all fear and he is more than capable of filling us with his wild love.  His love is like a placid stream.  His love is like a raging river.  Now let us spend some time in prayer for more love today!

Dear Jesus~Your love is better than life!  Your love is infinite.  Would you please make me new this day!  Would you restore the years the locusts and cankerworm have eaten.  I need to be free and let go of fear and unbelief.  May my heart be created anew and afresh for your glory.  Your father’s heart is wild for me and I want to live LOVED.  Thank you for green pastures and quiet waters this day.  Thank you for restoring my soul in love for you and for my sweet partner.  He is the best mate for me.  I will never forget about your grace and how you are abounding in love.  You surprise me with your good gifts and recompense for my mistakes in this life daily.  Please forgive me for anything I have done this week to grieve your spirit.  I love your presence and I thank you for my dwelling and prayer closet today as I call out to you.  I am LOVED! In Jesus Name, Amen!