Date Number #70

Arise My Love……

Today Jesus and I are at a French cafe in Florida taking a little time-out together from visiting my Father. We are having the sweetest time as this am He have me this sweet, fulfilling word from Song of Solomon. “For behold the winter has past, the rain is over and gone”! What a relief as this season has been tough sweet sisters.

Jesus is talking to me today about coming away with Him! Basking in the goodness of His romancing me. Coming away with Him to be sheltered under His mighty wing. I get into the secret place and seek Wisdom for my days. Sisters, are you willing to set aside your thoughts about a man in order to come away with Him? Are you willing to surrender it all yet again? It’s a virtual reset on all the dreams, longings and desires you have for a husband. Let’s allow Him to search the world over to bring us the perfect spouse.

I am so encouraged to be in this new season of waiting. I have decided to take an intentional fast from social media and men for 21 days. So far it has been so freeing and without distraction. I strongly encourage such a fast. Now I would like us to spend some time praying about all of this! Let’s lay prostrate before Him and open our hearts in complete surrender.

Dear Jesus~You have said to Arise my love and come away with you! I delight in this opportunity. I long to be romanced by you. I covet your wisdom for this day. I thank you in advance for freely giving it to me. Thank you that you have a good plan for me. Plans to prosper me and give me a future and a hope! I open my heart completely to you this morning and surrender all of my longings for a husband. You have the BEST for me! I pray you would set me before him and that he would know…..that he would choose me. May we have a covenant love that is beautiful and full of purpose. Thank you Jesus. You are so good! Amen.