Date Number #73

The first song that I sing!

There is a Sara Groves song that I absolutely adore and she sings about praising Jesus first thing when she hops out of bed.  May we prioritize our day and agenda’s before Him sweet sisters!  Today Jesus and I are having breakfast at a small French Cafe.  The aroma of dark coffee roasting and fresh croissants being heated are all I smell.  He is talking to me about Seeking first His Kingdom and everything else being added unto us. (Matthew 6:33) In this mindset the first desire I have is to adore and praise Him with worship.  My heart craves purity and cleansing before our Father.  I delight in seeking His divine wisdom over this day.

Sisters, are you seeking His face first and foremost?  Is He the core desire of your heart?  Sometimes the answer may honestly be a resounding “NO” and that is okay.  There are seasons of gladness and desire and there are seasons of drought and dryness.  I am most thankful for being in a new season of singing.  If you are in a season of drought, I want to encourage you in this place.  You can still Seek Him first with your whole heart!  Take a moment to evaluate your heart and it’s emotional temperature.  Check in with where you are at and come to Him.  He is willing to meet you in it all.

I wonder where our future significant others are today with this reality and command.  His promise to them is the same and I desire for us to spend some time in prayer over our future husbands.  May their integrity abound!  May their hearts be right before Abba.  Just think, he may rest on the far side of the sea or down in the depths (Psalm 139) and eventually the Lord will place us together.  Let us pray now for this seeking and for our husbands hearts and minds.

Dear Jesus~Thank you that I can come before you first in praise.  I love your presence dwelling around and within me.  I delight in adoring your character and face.  Thank you that you are holy and just over every details of our lives.  Thank you for my future husband.  I love that you are readying him for me as we speak.  I love that you are preparing him in exactly the right fashion to be united with me.  I love that together we can seek first your Kingdom.  Father please allow integrity to abound in his life.  Please guide his steps moment by moment and lead him in exactly the direction you would have him go.  Thank you for this new day and for the power of praise.  I love you and pray these things in your name. Amen