Date Number #79


One of the things that I have just completed is a 21 day fast from social media!  It has been glorious!  It is important for so many reasons in today’s culture and sometimes that very fact can be exhausting.  We are more connected than ever AND more lonely than ever.  Several fruits came from this fast including hours of time spent editing and getting this devotional ready for print.  I am thrilled to distribute it when I travel to Uganda in just 12 days.  I will be giving it to many of the women in the village of Guru Guru, Gulu and of course reserving a copy for my spiritual daughter who is just outside of Kampala.

Today I want us to consider the clutter and noise in our life that may be hindering us from presence and being fully attentive to our goals, dreams and intentions for this year. Having the hours off of Facebook and Instagram allowed me hours to write, create, and connect face to face with friends and colleagues.  Jesus and I sit this morning at a tiny coffee shop near my house and I am grateful I got a table.  It is always brimming with people and community in this place.  I want to emphasize the scripture from Philippians 4:8-9 which says, “Finally, believers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable and worthy of respect, whatever is right and confirmed by God’s word, whatever is pure and wholesome, whatever is lovely and brings peace, whatever is admirable and of good repute; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think continually on these things [center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart].  The things which you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things [in daily life], and the God [who is the source] of peace and well-being will be with you.”  How wonderful to have a clear mind that is at peace and has plenty of room to think on the things that are lovely and praiseworthy.  

Sisters, Are you willing to take a fast from something like social media?  Maybe for you its the television or caffeine, perhaps?  I highly recommend this exercise as a character building skill and a practice in being fully present in our lives.  Are you feeling bogged down by an entanglement like social media or the internet in general?  Take it from me, 21 days is not that long and it will help you to cultivate a new habit.  Abba loves it when we stop to Be still and KNOW that He is God.  He is honored when our time is focused first on Him and then our other priorities follow.  Let us spend some time in prayer over this good word and for His will on a particular decluttering fast.

Dear Jesus~Thank you that you remove noise and clatter from my life.  Thank you that you will help me to declutter my life to make more room for the things that are honorable and worthy of my time.  Would you call me to a fast during this season?  What do you have to say about this consideration?  I pray that my mind would be at peace and stayed on you in all circumstances.  I pray these things for my future spouse as well.  I pray that his life wouldn’t be frenetic.  I pray that he has the ability to be fully present in his personal life and vocation.  Be his rock Father God.  Be my rock.  I am trusting you to guide, lead and direct my world in your good and perfect will.  Thank you for your infinite love and blessings in my life.  You are good and you are Sovereign over all.  I love you Jesus.  Amen!