Date Number #82

An Avalanche of Blessings……

I was talking to my prayer partner the other morning about God’s providence and perfect timing and here’s what we concluded.  When you are in His perfect will and on the narrow path things just sync up in such a beautiful manner.  As the word says in Romans 8:28, He makes all things work together for our good!  Amen, sisters?  There may be opposition and spiritual battle, but He is moving in accordance with His will always.

As my friend was sharing, she declared this absolute avalanche of blessing the Father has brought in her life as of late.  His abundance is tangible my friends.  We just need to look for it and savor it.  There’s a particular synchronicity lately in my life and I believe it is the overflow and blessing that comes from obedience.  As I mentioned in yesterdays entry, this last several months has been tough.  Heartbreaking in fact.  Sometimes in my grief and loss of my ex I thought my heart my be ripped out of my chest.  The pain was excruciating.  Through it all Abba held and comforted me.  I felt him catch my tears and renewed my weary ness.  The other day I asked HIm what this new season might be called and I heard in my spirit, “the season of singing has come”.  I don’t know exactly what that means; however, I know it includes my tears and sadness being transformed to joy.  My dry bones are dancing!

Are you in a particularly difficult season?  Is your heart hurting?  If so, I am here to encourage and affirm you.   It will pass and all shall be well again.  I would suggest you lean into the grief and sadness like I did.  This is the only way it will go away is to pass through those caverns of emptiness and pain.  I gave a prophetic word to a friend the other day from Psalm 84.  It says that as you pass through the valley of Baca, He makes it a place of springs.  This is part of our pilgrimage dear ones.  I desire us to spend some time in prayer over this season and for our future spouses.  Let’s do this!

Dear Jesus! Thank you in advance for my husband.  Thank you that He is a strong leader who loves children.  Thank you that he delights in your will and your word everyday.  He walks closely with His father.  Thank you for our children that will be a legacy of love.  Thank you for choosing us for each other.  You are the best “picker” and have watched me go my own way and do my own things so many times.  I repent and turn now again Father.  I desire your goodness in the land of the living.  May this grief pass and may I enter in fully to the season of singing.  Thank you for shifting the sands of time so that I might enjoy an avalanche of your blessings.  You are good and loving.  I give you my heart in surrender again now and I pray in Jesus name. IMG_2136.JPG