Date Number #83

You are WORTHY!

A week ago or so I was driving and praying and suddenly I noticed the license plate in front of me.  It said URWRTHY!!!  Amen?  I had asked our Father for a word of encouragement that morning and boy did I receive it.  Sisters, do you know there is power of life and death in our tongues.  Are you aware of what you are speaking over yourself?  Are they words of life?  There is power in agreement and the word of God gives us endless promises that we can speak over ourselves.  When is the last time you told yourself “I am worthy”?  Today Jesus calls us His daughters and we are so worthy of His love and delight.

1 Peter 2:9 says, “ But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  This is a good word ladies.  May we agree with Him today.  May we say some of these truths aloud and agree with the Father.  I am chosen.  I am God’s special possession.  I am worthy.  I am deeply loved.  There are many of us who have what we call negative cognitions engrained in our minds like the grooves on a record.  We need to reprocess memories, trauma and target events that caused these negative cognitions in the first place.  One of the ways this can be done is through inner healing prayer.  Another way it can be done is through a modality of therapy called EMDR.  I am certified in this transformational modality and can certainly help assist you in your process of healing.  This is available through coaching and counseling locally in Charleston.  Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

I wonder about my husband as I think about the power of agreements and worthiness.  I wonder how he is in his thought life.  I would like us to spend some time in prayer for our men.  It is vial to our livelihood and theirs to pray.  WE can pray that His mind would be conformed no longer to the pattern of this world, but that he would be transformed by the renewing of his mind.  Amen?  Now let us pray.

Dear Jesus.  I thank you for my future husband.  I know you have designed us for each other and that is beautiful.  I am so thankful that right  now in this moment I can pray for him and know that you are moving in him.  You are moving in accordance with your perfect will.  Thank you Father.  I pray for his mind and thought life today.  I pray that he would agree with your word and your promises.  I pray that he wouldn’t be bogged down by any kind of negative cognition or lie.  We rebuke the enemies plans in Jesus name.  Thank you that you say you have given us the ind of Christ.  Please free him today.  May the power of your Holy Spirit manifest itself perfectly in his life.  I love you Lord and I pray these things in Jesus name.