Date Number #90

You’re enough for me!

Today is my precious little sisters birthday and I’m out celebrating her for lunch at one of my fave gourmet restaurants in town. Jesus and I are having a heart to heart about the reality that His sweet love is enough for me! In the midst of deep longing and waiting His presence is truly the only one that satisfies!

In Proverbs 13:12, It says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Sisters, longing is hard and painful, but desire fulfilled feels amazing! Do you know this feeling? Have you had a deep longing fulfilled? I have been there in love and it is the sweetest feeling. I long to go back there and experience that wonderful sentiment all over again.

Today I want us to spend some time praying for our husbands (as always) and sit with the Father and the reality that He is enough for us. Sisters, do you believe that in your heart? We need to be in a place where no man can fit the bill. Only God can bring us the completeness that we crave.

Dear Jesus! You are enough for me today. I thank you for all of the amazing opportunities you have afforded me in my life that reveal your plan and your glory. Thank you for my future husband! Thank you that he belongs to you and nothing can snatch him away from your sheepfold. Thank you for our love and for the ministry endeavors you will fulfill through this marriage. I am excited and wait in eager expectation! Please bless him today and all of his days. I pray that the work of his hands would please you and bless your Kingdom. Thank you for this sweet day that you have made. I rejoice and am glad in it! Amen