Date Number #92

Letting Go is Liberating

Today Jesus and I are hunkered down at home as it is pouring rain and storming in Charleston.  I put some biscuits in the oven and sauteed bacon, so the house smells amazing!  I love these kind of days with the Lord that are so sweet and peaceful.  No where to go, no one to impress and minimal obligations until later today.  Jesus has been teaching me for months about the power of letting go.  I let go of the most recent love of my life about 11 months ago and it has taken until just recently that I feel like I have mostly grieved him.  Even though God called me to walk away, it still broke my heart in two.

Letting go of a person can mean clinging even more to our Heavenly Father.  His comfort is matchless, His provisions in the letting go are abundant.  In John 8:32 the bible says, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” This scripture has liberated me again and again as I have been called to let go of situations, habits, memories and people in my Christian walk.  In the letting go I have found myself becoming more true to my authentic self.  This is because I have become real with my intuition and my true North which is God himself.

Sisters, Is God prompting you to let go of something in your life that you are clinging to besides him?  It is never easy to let go, but your best life may really be waiting for you on the other side.  It’s time to fly….it’s time to soar….it’s time to be daring and walk out your full destiny in Him.  Maybe it’s a pattern of living that you have been in or even a maladaptive coping mechanism?  A maladaptive coping mechanism is something we use to fill a void, to escape life or to numb the emotions we are feeling.  People typically use alcohol, sex, shopping, men or woman, drugs or even sleep.  I want you to be free with me sister!  Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit if you are in need of a fresh letting go today?  He will help you to identify this clearly and quickly.  I would like us to spend some time praying for our future husbands now and specifically for their process of letting go.

Dear Jesus~I come before you this morning and lift up my future husband.  I pray that he would have the discernment and the strength to let go of ANYTHING that is holding him back from you and your best.  I pray that your will would be done in his life specifically in getting him ready for fresh, new relationship somewhere down the line with me.  As selfish as that sounds, I so desire your will to be done in both of our circumstances that lead us to one another.  Father, may he be blessed with your abundant showers today.  May your perfect love come rushing in like a roaring wave over his heart.  Please bring healing and hope to his bones.  I love your love Oh God and I desire you more than anything on this earth.  Please lead me in your love today and keep me in tune with your Holy Spirit always.  In Jesus Name~Amen. IMG_0520.jpg