Date Number #98

The Upside Down Kingdom

My Pastor Mark Foreman always talked about “the Upside down Kingdom” in many of his messages over the years while in San Diego.  I was often so perplexed and then one day it all made sense.  “The last shall be first, the first shall be last and few are chosen”. Matthew 20:16  Today Jesus and I are hunkered down at home before I go to my side job at the spa.  I have a hot cup o’ Joe and we are examining this concept.

Sisters, are you aware of the upside down kingdom in your life?  Do you have any examples of a time where this concept proved to be true?  I have some stories that I won’t tell here this morning in the interest of time and to keep particular parties involved confidential.  I delight in us understanding that in the Kingdom’s economy things aren’t always as we would thing they should be.  The good news is is that Abba knows best!  He has the most glorious plans for us!  We can reach out for His hope to fill us because even in the hardship of waiting He is on the throne.  I have a friend who always points me to Jesus and last year when I was calling off my engagement she kept me anchored in hope while I did the hardest thing.  I let go of my love because God asked me to.  I believe there is something better and more fitting for me now.  I didn’t then when I pulled that gorgeous ring off on October the 1st.

Ladies, I would like us to spend some time in prayer this morning specifically for our men.  That God would raise them up as leaders and that they would ARISE in strength in their inner man.  I would like us to focus on discerning wisdom and what is best for us to pray.  Let the word off of our tongues and the meditation of our hearts be pleasing to you Oh God!  For your glory and our good.

Dear jesus~I pray for my sweet husband this morning.  I lift him up before your throne of grace in full confidence of what you are doing. I come before you crying out for mercy and wisdom for what to pray for him.  I pray that you would heal his hurting heart in all ways.  I pray that you would move him along in grace in truth.  He has been through a rough season and I know you will redeem the years the locusts have eaten.  Father, have your way for you Kingdom work.  May we love the lost, the maligned, the forgotten, the invisible in your Kingdom.  WE are here for you!  I love you Jesus and I thank you for bringing us together in due time.  In your precious name, Amen!