Date Number #99

Guard your Heart!

We are here sisters! Date number 99 and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s bittersweet actually because I really don’t want to be done writing these entries or having the sweetest dates with Jesus. Today Jesus and I are having a celebratory dinner at one of my favorite new restaurants. The bar is booming and I’m dressed up from being ready for a date that never happened! God’s protection is what I’m calling that scenario. It is so easy to get disillusioned when these men flake or reject us, but I’m here to encourage you! The perfect one is coming for you.

We are in Proverbs today discussing the importance of guarding your heart because from it flows the wellspring of life! Proverbs 4:23 We are going to finish this race strong dear one and press on with Jesus at the center. Apart from him we can do nothing!

Do you have a tendency to give too much of your heart too fast like me? Do you over function in relationships to compensate for your partner? Let me unpack this concept a little further. Over functioning can sometimes look like codependency or giving and giving and giving when not much is coming back in return. Under functioning involves allowing someone else to compensate for your shortcomings, behaviors and limitations. It does not serve us well to do either of these!

Sisters, let us pray for our husbands tonight and ask the Lord to heal the way he relates with himself and within his interpersonal relationships. Father God, you are in control. You are the Father of lights and the God over all living things. I know that you are more than able to shape and refine my husband and I both for your glory! Thank you for that reality! You say in the book of Job that your will will not be thwarted and I believe that. Bless my husband with your abundance today and always in Jesus name! Amen